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Dear Friends,

I was shocked the other day while visiting a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. Her daughter & son-in-law are in the midst of foreclosure. It was too late for me to be able to help them. My friend is deeply distressed as you can imagine. The story spilled out... medical bills, job challenges….You’ve heard these stories; they are on the news every night. Hard working people who’ve had a rough time lately. People who do not want to walk away from their responsibilities or give away their future, but seem forced into foreclosure.

Maybe instead of hearing about these stories, you are living them.

Good News! We can help free trapped families. Spread the word.

Foreclosure isn’t always a foregone conclusion. A short sale may be an option. Working with a lender is a complicated, often frustrating experience and we are trained to handle these details. In fact, my office has one of the leading experts in short sales in the state of Texas just waiting to help you.

I’m heartbroken I couldn’t assist my friend’s daughter. Don’t let me be too late to help you or someone you know. If you know a person in  distress...someone whose mortgage is drowning them—Call me today!


Deb McNeill

McNeill & Associates





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